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AutoProcessor Products

Our Story

AutoProcessor is the world’s most comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive inventory distribution software solution and was launched in 2011. Initially developed by Dominic Laico to deliver efficiency in an otherwise inefficient ticketing industry, AutoProcessor has continually grown and evolved over the past 5+ years. AutoProcessor employs over 20 team members with various responsibilities ranging from development, support, event/venue mapping, servicing, sales and executive management. With continual development and growth as a company, AutoProcessor now boasts six different platforms to ensure that there is a solution for any inventory distribution need.

AutoProcessor Exchange

Buy and sell inventory in real-time on the AutoProcessor Exchange.

AutoProcessor Professional

Become a Pro Member to have all of your inventory distributed across multiple marketplaces in real time.  Pro Members also benefit from the classic AP features such as our Season Seat Downloader, Auto PO, Custom Pricing Rules, and many more.

AutoProcessor Lite

Looking to buy and sell inventory in real time on AutoProcessor Exchange without all of the added features of AutoProcessor Pro?  AutoProcessor Lite is your solution.

AutoProcessor REX-Publishing

Power your website, marketplace and/or exchange in real time.

AutoProcessor Services

Consultant, development, website construction... these are only a few of the services available to you, provided by our skilled and knowledgable AP team members.